Welcome to Recursos Fandangueros!

My name is Cameron Quevedo– I’m a musician, ethnomusicologist and filmmaker.

In 2010 I began playing son jarocho music with the Seattle Fandango Project, a community-based organization dedicated to “building relationships and social activism through the participatory music of son jarocho” (check out their Facebook page here). Originating in the state of Veracruz, Mexico, son jarocho blends Spanish, African and Indigenous Mexican influences into the “fandango,” an artistic and community-centered celebration that has been cultivated throughout Mexico, the U.S., Canada and further abroad.

While I’m still new to the world of son jarocho, I’ve gradually begun collecting, developing and organizing a few online fandango-related resources, all of which can be found here. These tools are meant to supplement (not substitute) participation in workshops and fandangos, as well as to further inform time spent with son jarocho musicians in Veracruz and abroad.

Developing these resources led me to my first thesis project— creating an online platform designed to function as both a didactic, community-based musical resource as well as a space of critical and reflexive academic scholarship. Some of the resources found herein are meant only for members of the Seattle Fandango Project (and, thus, are password-protected), while others are open to anyone with a computer, tablet or cellphone with access to the Internet.

I will continue to develop the site further, incorporating additional written and visual materials surrounding community-based research and collaborative media-production. Any questions, suggestions or concerns can be e-mailed to me at cameron.quevedo@gmail.com.