Mapping the fandango

This is a map of the fandango world. It isn’t complete and it never will be, for no single map could capture the breadth, depth and collective cultural value of the hundreds (if not thousands) of communities practicing the fandango. However, this map does represent an opportunity to see and hear many fandangos that have been held in Mexico, the U.S., Canada and France.

“Mapping the Fandango” is a collaborative project, so anyone with access to the Internet can add content to the map, including new location markers, videos from YouTube and comments. To contribute, simply e-mail Cameron Quevedo at with the location, video url and/or comment that you would like to add.

To view a fandango, simply click on any of the colored location markers found on the map. You can re-center and zoom-in/out by using the navigation arrows and +/- buttons.