Presas del encanto

Presas del encanto (Prey of the Encanto) is a collection of tales about the relationship that exists between music and the “other world,” in the mountains of Los Tuxtlas.

Andrés Morena Nájera transcribed these stories, which were given to him by musicians from Los Tuxtlas. His friends from San Diego, Eduardo García Acosta and Deborah Small, translated them into English and and designed the book, including photos by Deborah.
They came to record musicians from different communities in an effort to document, if not the protagonists or narrators of the stories, musicians who lived in the same geographical area with very similar conditions and with whom they share the same musical culture. These recordings were to be included in a DVD to accompany the book.
But the funding that they had received from the U.S. university ran out. The Programa de Desarrollo del Sotavento was finally able to publish the book in 2009, but with limited resources, only in Spanish and without the DVD.
The series of videos above are the musical excerpts that were to be included on the DVD. With Eduardo’s permission, I share them with you, because those involved in the production wished that these materials be spread in whatever means possible. It was their debt to honor the musicians, along with Andrés Moreno.”
-Ana Zarina Palafox Méndez
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